Paul Anderson Family strong center

Counseling services

We provide professional Christ-centered counseling that’s risk free and without judgment.

Time Management

Anger Management

Trauma and Abuse

Play and Art









building a strong community

Licensed Professional Counselor---Associate Counselors---Clinical Psychologist---Life Coach
Our staff takes pride in serving our community...full circle.
  • Strong Employees = Strong Organizations

    Individual counseling, on-site training, EAP support

  • Judicial and legal Support

    Classes and individual programs such as anger management, parenting, time management (truancy)

  • Helping the teachers teach

    THE STUDENTS: truancy, drug abuse & Life Mapping (goal setting course) THE TEACHERS: awareness, prevention & support training

  • strengthen the body

    CHURCHES: we extend a hand to all ministers in our area. Through our group sessions or individual counseling let us help you build a STRONG family

Family Strong team

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Brian Clift

Advancement Officer
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Kevin Williams

Life Coach
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Christy Clark

Office Manager
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Gwynn Colvin

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Building generations of STRONG families

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